I’m New

Thanks for visiting our website – let me give you a little background and answer some of your questions.

Who We Are

  • We are a church that is focused on Jesus Christ.  
  • We are a church that feels more like a family than a congregation.  
  • We are a church that teaches the entire truth of the Bible.  
  • We are a church that helps people deal with real life.  
  • We are a church that is always striving to create community.
  • And we are a church that is always striving to help the community.

Wakefield has been at its current location since 1901.  Although we have a rich tradition of faith, and although we are uncompromising in our love for Jesus and our teaching of the Bible, we are a church that is both aware and engaged with the world of today.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I wear?

At Wakefield some wear suits and ties or dresses, others wear jeans and t-shirts.  Come in a way that glorifies God and makes you comfortable.

How do you worship?

We sing hymns and praise & worship songs.  Some Sundays are more hymn heavy and others more praise & worship heavy.  It varies week to week.

Will you embarrass me?

I sure hope not. We will not single you out from the platform. You will not be made to stand or raise your hand. However, we are a small but growing church, so it is hard for visitors to hide. I hope you will feel welcomed and appreciated.

How long does a service last?

Sunday morning service starts at 10:45 am and tends to last until noon.  Sunday evening normally lasts one hour. Wednesday evening prayer meeting lasts one hour, but Pioneer Clubs lasts 90 minutes.

Do you have something for children?

Yes we do. We have Sunday School for all ages beginning at 9:30 am. When the morning service begins, children over the age of three sit with their parents, but go to Children’s Church when Pastor Mark begins his sermon.  We provide a nursery for ages three and under.  We also have Pioneer Clubs for children 2 -13. This meets on Wednesday nights during the school year.

What are the sermons like?

On Sunday morning, Pastor Mark normally preaches through a book of the Bible.  However, on occasion, he will cover a topic. Sunday evening tends to be more topical.

We hope to see you this Sunday!