God Loves Israel – Episode 6

God loves Israel.  He loves the Jewish people. God loves them even though they reject His Son, Jesus.  In spite of this rejection, God is moving now to save Israel from its sin and to establish the Jewish people as a nation that loves Jesus Christ.

Three Questions

  1. When will these things be?
  2. What will be the sign of your coming?
  3. And of the end of the age?

Seven Events

The seven key events that will precede the seven years of tribulation.

1. Restoration of Israel

Ezekiel 20:33-38

Israel is gathered out of wrath and into judgment. Israel will come out of judgment believing on Jesus.

See also Ezekiel 22:17-22; 36:22-24; Isaiah 11:11-12; Zephaniah 2:1-2.

2. Invasion of Israel

Ezekiel 38:1-39:16

3. One-world government

Daniel 7:23-24

4. World split into 10 kingdoms.

Daniel 7:24

5. The rise of the Anti-Christ

Daniel 7:24; II Thessalonians 2:1-3

6. A period of peace and security for Israel

I Thessalonians 5:1-3

7. Israel signs a 7-year covenant with the Anti-Christ.

Daniel 9:27

This event, Israel signing the covenant with the Anti-Christ will initiate the Seven Years of Tribulation.


Article on the Rapture

The Footsteps of the Messiah: A Study of the Sequence of Prophetic Events, by Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum

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