When I pray, in addition to the prayers for people, I pray for five goals. These goals are for Wakefield Valley Bible Church, the church where I am the pastor. One goal is: To develop men and women of godly character who fully represent biblical masculinity and femininity. This goal […]

God’s Foundation for Marriage and Family – Episode 19

If you could go a back in time to the Crucifixion, who would be there? Who would be at the cross? In this episode, we will do just that. We will return to the cross. And next to us will be Pontius Pilate, Mary Magdalene, The Thief, and the Roman […]

Four People at the Cross – Episode 18

What is your greatest need? Food? Shelter? Love? No, your greatest need is forgiveness. Without forgiveness, you are forever lost in your sin, forever judged by your failures, and forever separated from God. But Jesus took care of your need. Jesus endured the mockery, the abuse, and the cross so that […]

The Trials of Jesus Part 2 – Episode 17

I love a good courtroom drama. Whether it is To Kill a Mockingbird, The 12 Angry Men, Anatomy of a Murder, or one of my all-time favorites The Caine Mutiny. But the greatest legal drama is the trial of Jesus. It is just as moving as those mentioned above but […]

The Trials of Jesus, Part 1 – Episode 16

Can’t a be a Christian and hate God’s people?! Strong words! But Jesus speaks of a judgment at the end of the Tribulation period that teaches just that. People will be judged based on their treatment of the Jews. So this is the final lesson on the Olivet Discourse. This […]

You Cannot be a Christian and Hate God’s People – ...

In the previous episode, Watch, Work, and Wait Part 1, we learned what believers should be doing as they wait on Jesus to return. In this episode, the idea continues but with two changes. The first change is that the words are focused on the Nation of Israel alive during […]

Watch, Work, and Wait pt 2 – Episode 14

What should you be doing until Jesus comes back? Here are a few options. Devote every waking hour to prayer and Bible study. Sell all your property and go sit on a mountaintop to wait for His return. Sacrifice all the pleasures of life – relationships, things, knowledge – to […]

Watch, Work, and Wait pt 1 – Episode 13

In today’s lesson, we look at the difference between the second coming and the rapture. The second coming of Jesus is preceded by signs. These signs are so certain that when they happen, you can easily predict the return of Jesus. The rapture is not that way. There are no signs. […]

The Rapture Could Happen Today – Episode 12

What will be a sign before Jesus returns?  What are the signs of His second coming? The 2nd coming will be preceded by total darkness and then God’s glory, His Shekinah glory. These are the signs. Your Takeaway Make sure you are numbered among the elect, make sure you are […]

Darkness & Light – Episode 11

The world population today is about 7 billion people. The sad thing is, most of the 7 billion believe they will go to heaven when they die. But this is not true. Most will go to hell because they have rejected Jesus. In today’s lesson, I will encourage you to […]

Warn The One You Love – Episode 10