What will be a sign before Jesus returns?  What are the signs of His second coming? The 2nd coming will be preceded by total darkness and then God’s glory, His Shekinah glory. These are the signs. Your Takeaway Make sure you are numbered among the elect, make sure you are […]

Darkness & Light – Episode 11

The world population today is about 7 billion people. The sad thing is, most of the 7 billion believe they will go to heaven when they die. But this is not true. Most will go to hell because they have rejected Jesus. In today’s lesson, I will encourage you to […]

Warn The One You Love – Episode 10

Recently a friend suggested that President Trump may be the Antichrist. This is not the first time I have heard such a statement. In the years I have been a Christian, people have told me that the Pope, Henry Kissinger, and Presidents Reagan and Obama were the Antichrist. So who […]

Is President Trump the Antichrist? – Episode 9

What is God doing at this time in the earth? Great question! I like how Colin Marshall and Tony Payne answer it in their book The Trellis and the Vine.  They write, “..the work God is doing in the world now, in these last days between the first and second […]

The Coming Apocalypse – Episode 8

Wars everywhere – People claiming to be Jesus –  Christians being murdered. Jesus told his disciples to expect this. And we should expect it as well. Why? Because this is the world in which we live. In today’s lesson, Jesus answers the first question about the coming destruction of the […]

Wars, Messiahs, and Murder – Episode 7

God loves Israel.  He loves the Jewish people. God loves them even though they reject His Son, Jesus.  In spite of this rejection, God is moving now to save Israel from its sin and to establish the Jewish people as a nation that loves Jesus Christ. Three Questions When will […]

God Loves Israel – Episode 6

The Rejection of Jesus You reject Jesus when… Rejection of Worship Mark 11:15-19 “Vessels” are the utensils of worship. Jesus stops the commerce and the empty worship of the Temple. Matthew 21:12-15 The chief priests and the religious leaders reject Jesus not because He purged the Temple but because He […]

The Rejection of Jesus – Episode 5

These days it seems that everyone is pursuing happiness.  We try just about anything to make ourselves happy.  But God has promised something greater to those that believe on Jesus Christ.  God has promised joy. The Difference Happiness is external.  Happiness is based on our circumstances.  If you have a […]

The Gift of Joy – Episode 4

I was recently reminded of my least favorite Bible verse. This verse is 1 Peter 1:16. Peter is quoting from Leviticus 11:44. “Be holy, for I am holy.” The reason it is my least favorite is because of the standard.  God has made himself the standard of holiness. It is […]

The Gift of Holiness – Episode 3

Adoption stories are amazing!  Paperwork, travel, money, and then a child!  This child becomes a member or a new family. They receive a new name and new relationships.  When you believe on Jesus, God adopts you and makes you a member of His family. When God adopts you, He does three […]

Adopted by God – Episode 2