The Rapture Could Happen Today – Episode 12

In today’s lesson, we look at the difference between the second coming and the rapture.

The second coming of Jesus is preceded by signs. These signs are so certain that when they happen, you can easily predict the return of Jesus. The rapture is not that way. There are no signs. The rapture will come and catch people by surprise.

Your Takeaway

You need to live life expectantly. Live in continual readiness, continual watchfulness – Live your life expecting Jesus to return today.

The 2nd Coming

Matthew 24:32-35

When the fig tree blooms summer is just around the corner.

Jesus is teaching that the signs for His second coming are certain. Once you see the Antichrist enter the Temple you will know that there are exactly three and one-half years until Jesus returns.

In Matthew 24:34 the word “generation” is referring to the Nation of Israel not to the generation alive when Jesus spoke the words.

An example of this use of “generation” can be found in Matthew 23:33-36. It was the Nation of Israel that rejected the prophets. This rejection spanned the entire history of the Jews, not just the ones alive when Jesus spoke. See verse 36.

Jesus closes this section stating His words are more secure and more lasting than the creation.

The Rapture

Matthew 24:36-44

Many great Bible teachers do not consider Matthew 24:36-44 as being rapture passage. But I do.

Jesus is showing the contrast between His second coming and the rapture. This contrast can be seen in His use of “But” to start off verse 36.

In a sense, Jesus is saying that the 2nd coming can be predicted but the rapture cannot. No one knows when the rapture will happen. There are no signs.

People will be going about their lives – eating, drinking, getting married – and all of a sudden the rapture will occur.

In Matthew 24:42-44 Jesus gives the key thought. Live life expecting Him to return. Always be waiting for Jesus.

Closing Thoughts

Many people are afraid of the rapture. It scares them.

If you are a believer, you should not fear the rapture. But if you are an unbeliever, I can understand why you may be afraid. Don’t fear the rapture; rather fear missing the rapture.

How can you know for certain that when the rapture happens you will be with Jesus?  That’s easy. Put your faith in Jesus Christ.

Jesus, God the Son, died for your sins. He took on Himself the wrath of God so that all who believe would not receive God’s wrath.

If you believe on Jesus, then you are saved from God’s wrath. Salvation has nothing to do with you trying to be good. Salvation has everything to do with Jesus dying for you and you believing on Him.

Believe on Jesus and you will be taken to be with Him when the rapture happens. One moment you will be in your tired, sick body, and the next moment you will be in your eternal body, standing before Jesus.

Believe today, because the rapture could happen any minute.

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