Wars, Messiahs, and Murder – Episode 7

Wars everywhere – People claiming to be Jesus –  Christians being murdered. Jesus told his disciples to expect this. And we should expect it as well. Why? Because this is the world in which we live.

In today’s lesson, Jesus answers the first question about the coming destruction of the Temple. Along with the destruction Jesus tells the disciples that they will be surrounded by trouble. But in the middle of all this trouble, there is hope. God will save and secure all those who believe on Him.


Your Key Takeaway

Jesus will save and secure those who believe on Him.

The Truth

  1. False Messiahs – Luke 21:8
  2. Wars and Rumors of Wars – Luke 21:9
  3. Persecution – Luke 21:12-17

False Messiahs and wars are not signs of the end. Luke 21:9b

Persecution becomes an opportunity to share the gospel.

Jesus will give the persecuted the words to say.

Jesus will save and secure the persecuted.

The Answer

The answer to the disciples’ first question is “When you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, then know that the desolation is near.”  Luke 21:20-24


  • A.D. 66 – Jews revolt against Rome.
  • A.D. 69 – Rome attacks Judea and surrounds Jerusalem.  This was led by Vespasian
  • A.D. 70 – Titus attacks Jerusalem and the Temple is destroyed.  Josephus claims that 1.1 million were killed.
  • A.D. 72 – Roman Colosseum started by Vespasian. It was finished in A.D. 80. 100,000 Jewish slaves were used in the construction.
  • A.D. 81 – The Arch of Titus was constructed.

 Time of the Gentiles

The time of the Gentiles started in B.C. 588 with the Babylonian captivity of Jerusalem. It will end with the second coming of Jesus.  Luke 21:24

As the time of the Gentiles comes to an end, God will save Israel. Romans 11:25-27

 Closing Thoughts

The promise to save and secure Israel and the persecuted is because they believed on Jesus.

Do you believe Jesus died for your sins and rose again? If so you are saved and eternally secure.  Those that believe will find that all their questions about life are answered.  Christ, the cross, and the empty tomb is an answer to all our questions.

Trust in Jesus for your salvation and your security.

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