The Trials of Jesus Part 2 – Episode 17

What is your greatest need? Food? Shelter? Love? No, your greatest need is forgiveness. Without forgiveness, you are forever lost in your sin, forever judged by your failures, and forever separated from God.

But Jesus took care of your need. Jesus endured the mockery, the abuse, and the cross so that you can be forgiven.

Your Takeaway

Your takeaway for this lesson is that Jesus suffered so that by believing on Him you may be forever forgiven.

In this lesson, we will examine the three Roman trials of Jesus.

First Roman Trial

Luke 23:1-7

The Jews originally charged Jesus with blasphemy. But when they brought Him before Pontius Pilate they changed the charge. They said Jesus was guilty of the following three crimes.

  1. Sedition
  2. Tax evasion
  3. Claiming to be a king

Pilate dismissed these charges and sent Jesus to see Herod.

Second Roman Trial

Luke 23:8-12

This is Herod Antipas, Herod the Great’s son.

Herod was excited to see Jesus. He wanted Jesus to entertain him with a miracle. Jesus did not play along, so Herod turned on Him. Herod and his men mocked and abused Jesus.

Third Roman Trial

John 18:33-40

Pilate again questioned Jesus.

Pilate did not believe in absolute truth.

Here is a multiple choice question that will determine your worldview, especially in matters of absolute truth.

How do you know what is right and what is wrong?

  1. Right or wrong is determined by human choice.
  2. Right or wrong is determined by whatever feels good.
  3. Right or wrong is based on human survival.
  4. God’s character is good and He has revealed to us in the Bible what is right and what is wrong.

If Pilate had a choice it was probably option 3. But option 4 is the correct answer – God reveals what is right and wrong to us in His Bible.

The trial and crucifixion are both right and wrong. It broke multiple commands of God yet God willed it. Acts 2:23

God used sinful men to accomplish His plan. Why? So that you could realize your greatest need – forgiveness.

John 19:1-16

Pilate tries again to free Jesus. He has Jesus flogged hoping that this punishment would appease the Jews. It did not.

Jesus was stripped naked. Tied to a pole and whipped from the shoulders to the loins. Professionals beat Him within an inch of His life. Then they dressed Jesus in a purple robe and put on His head a crown of thorns.

Closing Thoughts

Think about it. Jesus endured the mocking of Herod and the scourging of Roman soldiers. Yet Jesus stood quietly by as these wicked men abused Him.

Why would God the Son do that? Because you have a great need – forgiveness. Jesus knows that if He leaves it up to you, you will die in your sin, far from God. So Jesus stepped in and took your place. Jesus paid the price so that you can be forgiven and have a relationship with God.

Please, my friend, believe this. Believe that Jesus died for your sin. Believe that He rose for your eternal life. Believe on Jesus today!

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The Scourging of Jesus by David McClister