Women Must Point the Way – Episode 24

God has a purpose, a calling for everyone. He has commanded men and women to fill and subdue the earth. To accomplish this, God has given us family. A father, a mother, and the kids all doing their part.

God has given each gender certain responsibilities. In the last episode, we learned that God, in the Old Testament, gave women three responsibilities: To birth children, to manage the home, and to be a companion to the man.  Today we add another responsibility to that list.

Your Takeaway

God has called older women to teach younger women how to live a life pleasing to Him.

Older Women

The word “likewise” links the older men to the older women.

  • Reverent in behavior – Her life is a sacred duty.
  • Not Slanderers – Older women should not use lies to discredit people. Slander is a sin of words or the tongue.
  • Slaves to wine – Drunkenness, and abuse of alcohol was a problem for older women.

A Teacher of Good

  1. To love their husbands. This is the first priority. Women are to be “devoted” to their husbands.
  2. Love their children. After her husband, a mother must love her children.
  3. Be discreet. To be self-controlled. It is difficult to manage a home and family if you cannot manage yourself.
  4. Be chaste. To be sexually pure. It is impossible to be devoted to a husband if you are not sexually pure. Over 15% of Christian women view pornography every month.
  5. Homemaker. To be busy at home. It’s about laziness and idleness, not just location.
  6. Kindness. All of this done with kindness.
  7. Obedient to their own husbands. “Subject yourselves” Submission is a voluntary response. You submit because God has called you to and to show respect to your husband.

Closing Thoughts

God has given a great responsibility to older women – the role of mentoring younger women.

If you are an older woman you should seek out a young woman to mentor. Build a friendship. Build a relationship. Teach her from your experience. And share Jesus Christ.

Teach how she should love her husband, love her kids, and how to live life. But also tell her about sin, the cross, the grave, and the resurrection. Tell her about Jesus.

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